The Twitter Ramayan

I Just got a mail from twitter saying Bhagwan Ramachandra @Lord_Ram is now following you on twitter. As i open Bhagwan Ramachandra's twitter account to check his profile i realize that even Lord Hanumantha @Lord_Hanuman is on twitter. Offcourse not real gods on Twitter but some really creative people have started a new age Twitter Ramayan.

Lord_Ram profiles reads:

Name: Bhagwan Ramachandra
Location: Omnipresent
Bio: Perfect HumanA and Ideal Man. I love SitaA. I hate RavanA. HanumanA is cool. LaxmanA is Nice. I always add an extra A.

Some of his hilarious tweets to Lord_Hanuman

@Lord_Hanuman Hello Brother. When did you arrive on earth and onto this virtual world?

@Lord_Hanuman Indeed. Well said. I see that you have picked up what people call, "Internet Slang". You are fast on the intake o HanumanA.

@Lord_Hanuman We shall lodge a complaint with the Godly behavior regulatory committee. The shall pay for this insult.

Lord_Hanuman twitter profile is the coolest, here is what it reads

Name: Lord Hanumantha
Location: Mt. Himalaya
Bio: I'm Lord RamA's devotee (you should be too). I like people who sing Hanuman Chalisa. In my heart are Lord RamA and Goddess SitaA.

His 1st tweet says @Lord_Ram Wassup!

@Lord_Ram Wherever you go, the "Divine Network" follows.

@Lord_Ram All because of your blessings My Lord. Bheema from Mahabharata was teasing me that I won't be able to even create an account.

This is completely insane I seriously LMAO going through these profiles.


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