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Mr. Saves The Day

ha ha ha ha this is some really crazy shit i found on youtube.

A little kid trying to say blood

A Cute kid trying to say blood....hilarious video!!!

Kid who speaks 13 languages

Amazing kid, flash of Indian genius, but kids like these waste in our slums. The best part is this kid learn t all these languages from the tourists outside hanging gardens in Mumbai.

The Alien me

Well i didn't believe my cousin until he sent this childhood picture of me. I sure was From left to right my cousin Ravish (Tinku), his mom (my aunt), my mom and the alien

Whats the Value of 500 RS to you?

This is one really inspiring video i happened to see on youtube. Thought i should share this everyone.

Friday night jam part 2 @ media2win (Behind the scenes)

Sorry for the late update...should have uploaded this in the last week. Anyways here's the footage from behind the scene of our Friday night jam part 2 @ media2win (Behind the scenes). The videos are not so clear but with Sangram and Paresh chilling out behind enjoying their beer and looking like zombies you can conclude that they were indeed having a blast behind.....cheerz!!!

Friday night jam part 2 @ media2win

Here is another set of videos from our recent jam on Friday night at media2win office. This time i was not alone we had company with Tushar "bangs" on tabla and Pradeep with his Hobner, KK's "guitar guru" Venky (his college friend was the guest for the night) and of course me (again with KK's blue acoustic guitar). This time we started of with our regular anthems "dooba dooba" and "oh! sanam" as usual. But then there was completely new set of songs which we played. The video posted below was an Indian classical type compo which i had composed bascially as a background music for a dance competition at the VTU fest back in 2005. And the next one is Nirvana's "Come as you are" I hope you guys like it. Coming up in the next post are the video's from behind the scenes of the jam sessions.

Blast from the Past : My old compo

Just came across one of my old compos which i had written for my girlfriend in college, who's turned into my fiance eventually. Well this was our not so popular; small time band or some even term it as "banjo party" since we didn't have much instruments and there weren't many people in my college who followed rock music. People who are in this video are me (with the black Fender show master), Ajit Jain "Mama" (With the acoustic Guitar), Rushikesh Khadtare "khadtare's ladtar"(on Bongo), Dharit Shah "Blackie the dog"( Guy with long tilak on his forehead; who shot this video), Manu "The saaand" (with the cruel smile), Sunit "chuneet" (along with Dharit shah) and Ankit "Motu halwai" (dancing somewhere behind). Also you might get a glance of our "Giant" Jayant Jain. I guess this complete's the list of people in the video. If you guys think i missed out some please point out. Well now cut the

Yahoo days

Used to have long hair those days After i cut my hair During monsoon, outside window view from Yahoo L.P. office; Courtesy Mayur Shah Lets listen to some music......thats my corner Having a Laugh, from left to right Jayanta, Vinay and me Everyone's struggling to give a pose at the reception from behind left to right Yogesh (Commital package), Vinay (Vinni), Saurabh Sharma (Bhaiya), Praveen (Ramukaka), me (manchow) and Hemanth (Sozo the killer from movie Gajni) nice nicknames for everyone and i walk alone (Downstairs) MORE PHOTOS IN THE COMING POSTS

Friday night bash at our new office

Check out our latest Jam session video taken at our new office...hilarious!!!