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How to find targeted community using Buzzom Premium?

Social Media is about conversation with community. The world is no more under a single brand, we have multiple brands and multiple communities. All thanks to the emerging Internet Society. Even businesses are starting to become a niche player in the Internet. People are producing goods and services based on specific interests, increasing the importance of community. But how do you track community in the Internet. Basically, there are many kinds of community spread over different platform. Forums, Facebook Groups, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, blogs and so on. But there is one platform which somehow has the potential of giving information about all these groups, and it is twitter. Twitter has become an omnipresent channel for everything. Where ever you go, you will always find communities having their own Twitter profile. This makes Twitter an interesting platform for community hunting. But there are very few platforms that allows you to do so. Some of the essentials of tracking co