Friday night jam part 2 @ media2win

Here is another set of videos from our recent jam on Friday night at media2win office. This time i was not alone we had company with Tushar "bangs" on tabla and Pradeep with his Hobner, KK's "guitar guru" Venky (his college friend was the guest for the night) and of course me (again with KK's blue acoustic guitar). This time we started of with our regular anthems "dooba dooba" and "oh! sanam" as usual. But then there was completely new set of songs which we played.

The video posted below was an Indian classical type compo which i had composed bascially as a background music for a dance competition at the VTU fest back in 2005.

And the next one is Nirvana's "Come as you are"

I hope you guys like it.

Coming up in the next post are the video's from behind the scenes of the jam sessions.


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