Blast from the Past : My old compo

Just came across one of my old compos which i had written for my girlfriend in college, who's turned into my fiance eventually. Well this was our not so popular; small time band or some even term it as "banjo party" since we didn't have much instruments and there weren't many people in my college who followed rock music. People who are in this video are me (with the black Fender show master), Ajit Jain "Mama" (With the acoustic Guitar), Rushikesh Khadtare "khadtare's ladtar"(on Bongo), Dharit Shah "Blackie the dog"( Guy with long tilak on his forehead; who shot this video), Manu "The saaand" (with the cruel smile), Sunit "chuneet" (along with Dharit shah) and Ankit "Motu halwai" (dancing somewhere behind). Also you might get a glance of our "Giant" Jayant Jain. I guess this complete's the list of people in the video. If you guys think i missed out some please point out. Well now cut the reading part and check out the Video.


Mayur said…
You look sooo different dude.... Fantastic Compo as always..... you rock!
Paresh said…
great man, u look like a goat then hahhaah
Seema Desai said…
hey don’t tell me this is u.. so thin and look so different .. dont mind but the whole video i am just searching u i mean where is the himanshu? than i realize one who is plying guitar that’s himanshu..
but all in this nice compo..
as u do always.. gre8
Anonymous said…
hey i luv u
Unknown said…
boy o boy !! look at this.. d best moments of my college life... n m d proud shooter of this video.. d one who loved n ejoyed this man's music d most wen v were in college...let me recite few famous lines.../ "those were the best days of my life".. u rock bhaiya :)
Unknown said…
oh n wel i still have d original version of this compo wid me n i still love it ;)

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