Make Free phone calls from Twitter

Social Media Telephony Solution -- @call -- Open for Twitter Users -- Use Twitter to Talk to Friends, Family and Followers

@calls are made without revealing your number and without needing to know the number of the person you wish to call -- all you need is their Twitter username.
How does it work?

To make a call simply send a Twitter message (tweet) with "@call @username" where the 'username' is the Twitter name of the person you wish to call. If that person follows you on Twitter, a free two-minute call -- the verbal equivalent of a tweet -- will be initiated. Both Twitter users need to be JAJAH users as well.

JAJAH@call works no matter how you use Twitter, whether it's on a computer or mobile phone, at Twitter directly or using a Twitter-client such as Seesmic (web and desktop), TwitterBerry (BlackBerry), Tweetie and Twitterfon (iPhone), and Twidroid (Android).

Here is a demo as to how it works

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Anonymous said…
Try this one it is really free to call home phones to almost anywhere in the world!

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