Facebook's new Beta language settings - Pirate English and upside down English

Facebook has introducted some really interesting Beta language settings the best ones are Facebook English (Pirate) and English (Upside down).

The latest language to be added is Facebook English (Pirate) and it pimps your profile by turning everything into pirate speak! Facebook English (Pirate) changes almost everything on your profile - posting photos becomes 'hoisting portraits', being poked becomes 'Arrr! Ye have been skewered by' and you have 10 friend requests becomes '10 sorry louts think they're yer mates.

In this all your text turns upside down except for status messages. I think Batman is still out there testing this one.

How to go about it...

Go to the language settings at the bottom of the page

The pop up allows you to change the language settings - select either English (Pirate) or English (Upside down)


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