10 Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About on Twitter

Great compilation by Oatmeal. Ten things that you should not tweet about .. Happy Reading

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Rishi said…
Nice one,
well tweeting about dog or cat as mentioned above can really be so stupid. there was one tweet that i read last night was really funny that human said :

I’m reading a book called 3-minute abs. I worked out for 3 minutes but my abs look the same…what a ripoff!

Get sensible guys ! !
Nacie Carson said…
I love this list...although, I just have one question: if I'm not supposed to tweet about Mr. Tinkles or how totally of the chain my work out was this morning, like, what am I supposed to tweet about?!? ;)

Classic, a must a read for every Twitter user!
Apu said…
Love it....but if people cut down on these types of tweets...it will probably cut down on 99.9% of tweets.

OMG! I just ... I have nothing to tweet about.
promodesign said…
Well I'm not eating at the moment because I had my dinner about half an hour which was couscous and stuff.
Social Media is the same as all other media... 99% lies and 1% useless information.
No conference or event yet but if someone comes to visit tonight who knows?
What's Twitter?
Did you see the Marathon? I didn't.
I saw a mouse in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago. does that count? The guy in the supermarket smelt a bit like a goat.
The plane landed safely.
I prefer movies and emotional breakdowns.
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