A Fantastic Poem by a 9 yr old Kiddo

A sweet poem by a 9 yr old who was stranded outside in the cold wind, near the pool at a club since her parents got delayed from their Yoga class... amazing!!!

When are you coming out? I ask myself as I watch the lonely pool

Twas a cold and frozen day.

Just thinking of how warm you were made me shiver

The wind of the pure black night swept shivers and darkness into my poor bones and flesh

The wind was harsh and took no pity on my frozen soul.

You were warm inside

While I was left to die and perish 'in the unforgiving world of hell !!!

Twas left alone

To care for the flesh and bone

That may be history

But why is a mystery

Why was I left 'in the cold

Acting like I was brave and bold

You came truly late

And let me die of fate

And here I'm standing stiff as a bone

Laying here ready to moan

Here I am ready to yell

Cause I'm in HELL !!!

~ By Athena


Sangram said…
Superb !!!
Unknown said…
One of the best poems I have read ! Touched my heart !

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